New foam pumper rolls into Station 201

Jackson Township Division of Fire replaced its 10-year-old fire truck with 92,026 miles at Station 201, 4343 Grove City Road in Grove City, with a new Pierce Saber pumper. A second identical engine also was purchased for Station 204, 4900 Buckeye Parkway in Grove City, which is scheduled to open in December 2013.

The new fire trucks include a Class A foam system, 1,000-watt LED brow light that instantly illuminates a fire or accident scene, upgraded 10,000-watt generator, vertical hose speed lays as opposed to high-reach horizontal lays allowing for faster in-service times, and a spacious, more-secure and environmentally controlled emergency medical service compartment in the cab.

“The township received a $50,000 discount from Pierce for purchasing two trucks, and Engine 204 was purchased with tax-increment financing funds from Grove City,” said Jackson Township Administrator Mike Lilly.”

Lt. Mark Lewis, who led a committee that selected and designed the new pumper, said firefighter/paramedics would have to tote a five-gallon bucket of foam and manually hook it up to old Engine 201, which will be renamed Engine 205.  Engine 201 has five foam-dispensing lines and a 25-gallon foam tank. Jackson Township Division of Fire typically uses a truck on the frontline for 10-12 years then two to three years as a backup engine.

“Firefighting foam was developed by the U.S. Forest Service,” Lewis said. “Foam is like dish detergent because it breaks through surface tension for better absorption and quicker fire suppression, and helps reduce smoke on the fire scene.”

The price tag on the new Saber trucks was $421,845 apiece. Engine 205, a water-only pumper, will be placed into reserve for emergency backup duty and be housed at Station 202 — the division of fire’s headquarters — 3650 Hoover Road, Grove City.

“It’s exciting to get a new truck,” said Station 201 Lt. Rich Flanagan. “The new engine’s foam capability allows us to extinguish fires at a faster rate increasing firefighter safety and reducing property damage.”


Pictured are firefighter/paramedic Ann-Marie King and firefighter Paul Gaston demonstrating new Engine 201’s foam capability.