Jackson Township, SWACO partner to increase recycling through education

Taking a few easy steps can make a huge difference to the environment. Recycling keeps valuable materials out of landfills, protects the environment, and it is as easy as separating a few items like junk mail, cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

Cleaner communities start with everyone

Jackson Township and SWACO want to make recycling as easy as possible. Residents will receive information and a handy magnet the first quarter of 2018 showing what can and cannot be recycled. Taking a few minutes each week to reuse and recycle the right materials will help protect our air, waterways and natural resources.

“Recycle Right” campaign

Residents can make a difference by recycling only accepted items; everything else should be reused, donated, composted or disposed of safely. There are five categories of materials that can be put into recycling bins in Franklin County.

  • Paper, cardboard
  • Plastic bottles, jugs
  • Glass bottles,  jars
  • Metal cans
  • Cartons

Learn about the Recycle Right program at swaco.org/RecycleRight.