Firefighters to flush 2,430 hydrants

Jackson Township fire hydrants will get routine soft flushes from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays starting May 13, 2019. Fire personnel from four fire stations will be circulating throughout the township, City of Grove City and village of Urbancrest performing routine flushing maintenance that prevents debris buildup and stagnant water in fire hydrants ensuring they stay fully operational.

Passersby may notice unattended running fire hydrants during this period, but they are not cause for concern. There are no restrictions during the hydrant-flushing period, but residents may notice cloudy water caused by tiny air bubbles that is safe for use. Although rusty-colored household water is unlikely, residents should call (614) 875-5588 to report it and wait six hours for clear water to return before use.

A total of 2,430 hydrants will be flushed during two- to four-week process. Send questions or concerns via e-mail to