2017 road projects

Jackson Township 2017 road projects include cape sealing of Zuber Road from Hoover Road east to Borror Road, and cape sealing of Ridpath Road. More projects will be added to this list as they are scheduled.

Jackson Township-area Ohio Department of Transportation projects

  • Interstate 71 widening (between State Route 665 and Stringtown Road): constructing additional lanes in each direction; widening and re-decking bridges over White Road; and adding noise walls with an expected project completion in July 2017
  • Interstate 71 widening (between Stringtown Road and State Route 315): reconstructing and widening Interstate 71 with expected project start date of August 2017 and completion in October 2019
  • U.S. Route 62 resurfacing (south of Interstate 71 to south of State Route 665) with an expected project completion in May 2017

Informational links

Reference a complete list of 2017 Franklin County ODOT projects including related impact to traffic during construction.