2017 road projects

Jackson Township 2017 road projects include cape sealing of Zuber Road from Hoover Road east to Borror Road, and cape sealing of Ridpath Road. More projects will be added to this list as they are scheduled.

Jackson Township-area Ohio Department of Transportation projects

  • Interstate 71 widening (between State Route 665 and Stringtown Road): constructing additional lanes in each direction; widening and re-decking bridges over White Road; and adding noise walls with an expected project completion in July 2017
  • Interstate 71 widening (between Stringtown Road and State Route 315): reconstructing and widening Interstate 71 with expected project start date of August 2017 and completion in October 2019
  • U.S. Route 62 resurfacing (south of Interstate 71 to south of State Route 665) with an expected project completion in May 2017

Reference a complete list of 2017 Franklin County ODOT projects including related impact to traffic during construction.

2016 road projects

Jackson Township 2016 road projects included cape sealing of Zuber Road one mile west to Seeds Road; microsurfacing streets in Mayfair Park, Geyerwood and Southern Grove subdivisions, and crack sealing of the following: Angelbrook Drive, Betty Lane, Cabin Road, Deer Path Drive, Hibbs Road, Hiner Road, Hoover Road spur, Hunting Creek Drive, Karina Drive, Lynnbrook Drive, Marlane Court, Orders Road spur, Seeds Road, Thrailkill Road, Vern Place and Young Road.

Franklin County Engineer projects

  • Borror Road over Young Ditch (approximately one mile south of Zuber Road) bridge rehabilitation and deck replacement
  • Borror Road over Plum Run (approximately one-half mile south of Zuber Road) bridge rehabilitation and deck replacement

See project photos.

2015 road projects

New paving and berm repairs for Borror Road (State Route 665 to the Pickaway County line).

Franklin County Engineer
The Franklin County Engineer will have several construction projects in Jackson Township in 2015.

  • Alkire and Demorest – new roundabout intersection improvement
  • Borror Road – bridge deck/culvert replacements (two each) between Zuber and Hiner
  • Borror Road at Quail Creek – repairs to dip in the bridge deck
  • Zuber Road – culvert replacement at S-curve west of Hoover Road
  • *Also Alkire at Darby Creek will have round-a-bout intersection by Big Darby park

The City of Grove City is planning reconstruction of Orders Road including a roundabout at Haughn Road, and the Ohio Department of Transportation plans to upgrade the left turn signal for State Route 104 and State Route 665.

2014 Road Projects

Slurry SealBerry Hill Subdivision, Borror Road (from SR-104 to SR-665), Grubb Farms subdivision
Crack Seal – Zuber Road and Hiner Road
Reconstruction – White Road phase 3, new sidewalks, curb and gutter using OPWC grant funding

2013 Road Projects

Slurry SealBorror Road (from SR104 to Quail Creek), Anglebrook, Seeds, Deerpath, and Cabin Roads and the Lynnbrook subdivision
Crack Seal – Young Road and Berryhill subdivision.

2012 Road Projects

Slurry SealBorror Road (SR665 south to Hiner), Summer 2012.
Crack Seal – Borror Road (SR665 north to SR104), Cabin, Anglebrook, Deerpath, Hibbs Road and Lynnbrook, Summer 2012.
White Road – Final Paving, bikeway and sidewalks completed April 2012.

2011 Road Projects

White Road Phase-2 – complete reconstruction of White Road from McDowell Road east to Buckeye Parkway.  Includes new curbs, gutter, streetlights, bikepath and sidewalks.  Funded by OPWC grant funds.  Construction starts late-March 2011.
Orders Road Leisure Trail – new pedestrian / bikepath along Orders Road with connections to the YMCA, Fryer Park and Century Village.

 2010 Road Projects:

Asphalt resurfacing (“new blacktop”) for DYER ROAD, BROWN ROAD and the southern portion of HIBBS ROAD (from Hennigans Grove to SR-665)
Crack Sealing for BORROR ROAD (SR665 south to Pickaway County Line)

2009 Road Projects:

Re-construction of the White Road & McDowell Road intersection with turn lanes and a traffic signal (OPWC grant funded project)
Asphalt resurfacing (“new blacktop”) for the ROBIN ESTATES and ROCKY CREEK subdivisions as well as CASA & VENTRUA BLVD.
Crack Sealing: Deer Path, Ridpath and Thrailkill Road.
Slurry Seal: SOUTHERN GROVE Subdivision.

2008 Road Projects:

Asphalt resurfacing (“new blacktop”) for EMERSONIA SUBDIVISION
Crack Sealing:  SOUTHERN GROVE Subdivision
Reconstruction & Realignment Zuber Road curves (between Hoover & Seeds)
2007 Road Projects:

Berryhill subdivision all roads slurry sealed (June 2007)
Zuber Road, slurry sealed (June 2007) and new edge lines
Borror Road, new white edge lines (August 2007)
Mayfair subdivision, asphalt overlay (September 2007)